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Reviewed 10/9/11
Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall
7700 Seward Rd / Mt. Healthy, OH
(513) 729-1974
Friday & Saturday 8 - 11 p.m.
Sundays 7 - 9 p.m
$10 - ($2 discount with canned good)
$15 Fast Pass (no discount)
Free Parking at Duval School (Compton Rd.)
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MT. HEALTHY HAUNTED HALL Monsters terrorize the queue line that winds through a frightening cemetery outside the annual Haunted Hall.  The old graveyard hosts a mysterious fountain of blood,  a  hanged victim barely clinging to life, and an undead body (animation) making one final, desperate attempt to escape its earthen tomb!  A skeletal watchman guards the premises, peering down from an upstairs window with illuminated eyes, and waving a beckoning lantern back and forth inviting visitors to the old haunted house.  The exploration begins up an ominous looking staircase that's haunted by a hovering, green eyed ghost, as well as a wicked witch en route to a waiting  elevator that buzzes and thrashes about on its way to delivering scare seekers to their ultimate destiny - the 13th floor!  A wicked attendant is bounced off the walls by the inconsistent action of the old hoist as it grinds to a halt, and releases its occupants into a room known as Tilted Bones, where an evil, masked ghoul has taken up residence, and a chandelier comes crashing down onto a table with a thunderous thud!  Barely escaping with our lives, the course leads into the clutches of a young girl playing with dolls, but the surprise she's hiding looks and sounds much more like a murderous chainsaw!  Then it's onto a demented dentist who's enjoying himself a bit too much offering Novocain to passersby, while performing extractions for the affordable price of 25 cents per tooth!  A moving walkway accesses a room of uncertainty, where clocks decorate the walls, each displaying a different time of day.  From there it's into a Vampire's lair that witnesses an innocent young girl that's fallen victim to the ever present Count Dracula, and exits through an upright coffin onto the outdoor portion of the attraction.  Visiting an Executioner scene finds the horrifying sight of a live victim who's been recently deprived of his lower extremities by the murderous axe of his aforementioned enforcer!  Werewolf attacks ravage the upcoming forest, claiming several victims, as the course makes it's way past an alarming crate, and into The Bates Motel.  Still to come is a descending ceiling, then a brief mirror maze that's tormented by crazed clowns and a rotating floor that brings you to an I Scream Shop serving delicious flavors like vicious vanilla!  A sharp guillotine surprise awaits, as does a spinning vortex in advance of a brief exploration through some isolated woods, another surprise from behind a glass panel, then into Camp Crystal Lake, where JasonVoorhees and a corrupt cohort deliver a double chainsaw chase into a jail cell that initially appears to be a dead end!  The insanity of a psych ward is on the horizon, followed by undead zombies, and then Sin City Bar-b-cue, where heads and bodies roast over an open grill much to the delight of Satan The Devil who demands everyone bow down before him, and crawl beneath his elevated throne that lands you in the midst of a spooky cemetery, and brings about the traditional dark maze conclusion to 2011's Mount Healthy Haunted Hall entitled Still Cookin' after 22 years!

LENGTH - 9, 20+ minutes - difficult to determine a precise time due to the uncertainty of the maze.  (Our time was 23½ minutes.)
ACTORS - 7½, All try very hard to deliver believable scares, but there will always be a number of undersized actors due to the nature of the attraction.  Many are utilized portraying victims, or stationed behind drop-down panels, but there's just too many of them to score any higher. Total Characters = 36. 
SCARINESS - 7, Background music seems somewhat quieter in comparison to past years. Each scene is staffed with a variety of  characters.  Maze provides an appropriate finish, and is an annual favorite!   Increased intensity and more adult actors would strengthen the scares.
PROPS - 8, Good décor, some pneumatic surprises, and a few unexpected startles you won't experience anyplace else.  Spinning floor is unique to Mt. HealthyDracula's coffin door and secret maze passages are novelties.  Elevator is a standout, and falling chandelier makes a triumphant return for 2011.
DESIGN - 9, Clever ingenuity takes advantage of every inch of available space inside The Hall itself, and outdoor course has seen expansion over the course of the past few seasons. Maze remains an outstanding finisher.  All things considered from a budget perspective, this is an annual masterpiece!
VALUE - 9½, Cost remains just $8 with a canned good donation, which reflects no price increase for the fourth consecutive year!   In a day and age when many attractions expect $20, Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall resists conforming to the times and continues to provide an affordable entertainment value!  This is the way it SHOULD be!
RATING:  8, The Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall never disappoints!   Customers exiting the attraction described it as "scary" and "fun!"  Go with a group, and ditch your friends in the maze!

NOTEThe Mount Healthy Haunted Hall is sponsored by The Madonna Council Knights of Columbus, and Boy Scout Troops 27 and 393.  Annual “Lights on" night for children is October 23rd. from 6 to 6:45 PM before the haunted house opens at 7.  Cost is $5.00 for kids and there's NO CHARGE FOR ADULTS.